Back in 2020 the sensational R&B wunderkind Josh Levi dropped his debut EP DISC ONE, captivating with each exhale of emotion he offers the listener and leaves you floored with his dynamic vocal performance that can go toe to toe with other R&B heavyweights of the modern era. Plus he made all of our lockdowns easier with the luscious tones he produced with that project. Now two years later he’s returned with another project aptly titled DISC TWO that features more of his flavoursome brand of R&B that is the sonic equivalent of drinking a glass of orange juice after being stuck in the Sahara Desert for two days. It revitalises you, sends shivers down your spine and makes everything you’d gone through up to this point feel worthwhile.

VICES has already become a firm fan favourite, as has NASA which has a sensational live performance to go along with it that brings you deeper into his intimate headspace and his collaboration with Normani on DON’T THEY (REMIX) has had so much love this past week. ALL OVER AGAIN is a radio hit in the making, NOSEBLEED gives me flashbacks to The Weeknd during his Beauty Behind the Madness era, HEAVEN is a 90’s R&B ballad with a contemporary twist this I can’t get enough of and it all comes to close with the evocative SHE KEEPS COMIN. Levi is the ultimate triple threat, he can sing, dance and perform with the best and is one of the most exciting artists in the R&B space.