Yes we’ve heard of the typical hot girl summer phrase but this time it’s all about that Will Joseph Cook summer. With an album cover that makes him look like a cooler more indie version of Justin Trudeau, his latest album Every Single Thing is a summer delight that will soundtrack your days tanning in the sun letting the rays dance across your skin. Dreamy, bliss inducing and charming in every way, this album is an utterly joyous affair filled with love songs that avoid the traditional clichéd, sentimental lyrics and goes with something that gives you the euphoria that only puppy love can bring. It’s a celebration, reminding us the live in the moment and avoid looking back into the past or forward into the future. Just live for the now and enjoy the serotonin these moments can bring you.

His brand of effervescent pop is present through the project, going from uplifting numbers like Be Around Me ft. Chloe Moriondo and Gummy that will easily fill your stomach up with butterflies, to more solemn numbers like 4AM and Today it’s Raining in the mere blink of an eye. He doesn’t hide the lows either, channeling the more turbulent moments a love story can bring but never making it feel like a preachy affair. Instead he lets you understand that it’s not all peaches and cream, you’re gonna have sad moments but those make the highs feel all the more sweet. A year since his last album and he’s cooked up something truly sweet.