YDE has always faced issues head on with her music, even in her acting career where she recently performed on stage with Idina Menzel in WILD: A Musical Becoming. Her previous singles Stopped Buying Diamonds, a wonderful commentary on baby boomers falsely believing the majority of young people today spend a ridiculous amount of money on lavish products, and BlindLife, calling out those who turn a blind eye to global issues, represent this perfectly. She always remains future facing with her music, discussing about what’s going on the world right now and not being afraid to unabashedly use her voice to speak up for her generation. Today is no different, however she does go with a slightly more blithe sound this time around.

We all come to the realisation as we enter adulthood that life never gets easier and that’s what Old Her is tackling. Each verse is her reacting to realtime moments of her life, childhood, adolescent and now early adulthood. She dissects and openly discusses these parts of her life, taking us on this journey with her before she comes to the same conclusion we all do at some point; ignorance is bliss. Her voice radiates confidence as she charismatically croons her diary entry lyrics over an instrumental that fuses contemporary pop with early 1920’s jazz that enhances the confessional nature they possess. Top it all off with a music video that’s an art piece in itself and you’ve got a young musician who’s readying to take over the world.