With cover art paying homage to the legendary songwriter Judee Sill, it becomes clears where the Toronto alt-country artist Julianna Riolino’s influences lie. Rooted in classic country of a by gone era, think Dolly Parton meets Patsy Cline, meeting the modern world of alternative country, You is a truly compelling listen. Whilst most singles in that bring country into the alternative sphere are downtrodden ballads harkening back to the cowboy era, Riolino throws caution to the wind and encourages us all to let loose and have fun with this anthem. Play this at any festival, be it square dancing or mosh-pitting, and you’ll have the crowd rapturous over the unbridled joy the soundscape brings.

Jangled guitar riffs, drums propelling the piece forward, flash in the pan styled piano keys and layered harmonies that elevate this track to a whole new level, it’s phenomenal from start to finish. The highlight though? Riolino’s voice which possesses obscene amounts of charisma and spirit that I’d expect from a country star selling out arenas. She performs this single like a veteran despite being so young.

Toronto might not be known for its thriving country scene but Riolino is here to change that. Putting her own stamp on the genre and pushing the Toronto country scene into the spotlight unlike ever before!