Opening with a cacophony of screams catching you completely off guard before dragging you head first into a high octane hip hop driven thrill ride, the group Cook Thugless pull no punches with their latest drop. Each member of the group has already brought heat to the New Jersey area, be it through their hard-hitting production talents or thriving lyrical flows that rival some of the best out there, but when you put them together you get a super-group that’s ready to show the world what they’re made of. Their back catalogue already contains laidback summer anthems (Dirty Blue), thumping beat driven tracks perfect for bumping in your car (LOCKJAW) and more emotionally intuitive numbers (Sweet Coffee). Their latest release however is probably their best drop to date.

Fervent flows, an addictive hook, oscillating basslines, compelling storytelling, Ugly Boy truly has it all. It’s a banger from start to finish, opening on a high and climaxing on an even bigger one, all whilst keeping you enthralled by the rapturous melodies and compelling lyrical storytelling featured throughout. The on cloud nine energy levels make this perfect for any live performance. Go see Cook Thugless live, see them break this out and watch the crowd erupt into an adrenaline fuelled pit of euphoric ecstasy. The music video gives us a small taste of this frantic energy, showing the madness that this song can bring and the compelling story attached. Dive head first into this band ASAP.