Throughout our existence as humans, we always find a way to push through challenging experiences, where intense emotion cascades onto us before flowing into our system with every breath we take and we can’t understand which way is up or down. It’s a vehement period that’s hard to put into words, but the wunderkind musician Justice Carradine has translated his experience through a heartfelt track featuring vulnerable lyrics that tugs at your heartstrings.

A testament to the resilient nature of the human spirit, Tears in My Eyes is a sublime piece of pop. Exploring the multifaceted ways our spirit can be tested, Carradine uses electrifying lyrics to bring his visible pain to life as he paints a vivid picture of this internal torment. Listening deeper to the narrative, we gain a better understanding of his views as we’re propelled to a thriving chorus that launches his emotional tenderness to the stratosphere and makes you reach for the tissues. Whilst his sensational voice and expressive songwriting will have you thinking this is a solemn affair, there’s actually a large sense of empowerment throughout. He’s encouraging us to push through the difficult times, he learnt to drive with tears in his eyes and is telling us that whatever struggles we face, we will make it through. Juggling melancholia with encouragement, it’s clear to see why Carradine has been highly touted as a songwriter.

I think the human spirit is resilientWe always find a way to push through challenging or intense experiences. To me, ‘Tears In My Eyes’ reflects that in a vulnerable way.