October 14th, the day many skullcrusher fans have been waiting for. The day where this severely underrated songwriter, who portrays the unrest of the non-linear human experience with such breathtaking emotion, unveils her debut album Quiet the Room. The dreamlike beauty of her sound, injected with the magical fantasy of the outside world has always been a majestic affair and this project looks to capture that. Cracking open a window, letting the barrier dissolve as the outside world trickles in and the inside world seeps out to form one wholly unique vision. Letting the physical and spiritual realms of our being come together, ready for the outside world to see us for who we are and what we’re going to be. A perfect melding of the past and present.

Whatever fits together is our first bit of insight into this project, taking her past and trying to put the whole ordeal into words. Taking raw, vivid moments and portraying them through her Pulitzer Prize worthy lyrics whilst attempting to piece together the moments she’s blacked out from her memory, leading to a dead end. She’s forming a non-linear story, finding individual moments that mean a great deal to her and putting them into a oscillating story as she tries to make sense of it all. Her soothing vocal elegantly croons this tale, making us feel at ease, as the ethereal production of halcyon guitars and lo-fi beats forms an intimate atmosphere for us to dive deeper into her headspace. This is set to be one spectacular album.

“I viewed my younger self through a wash of emotions: anger, sadness, pity, confusion, all reaching for a kind of compassion. I tried to capture the contradictions that comprise my past and define who I am now. As I looked back, I saw my life in pieces: some moments blacked out, some extremely vivid, some leading nowhere. Through the song I attempt to piece it together in some non-linear form and accept my disparate story.”


  1. They Quiet the Room
  2. Building a Swing
  3. Whatever Fits Together
  4. Whistle of the Dead
  5. Lullaby in February
  6. Pass Through Me
  7. Could it be the way I look at everything?
  8. Outside, playing
  9. It’s Like a Secret
  10. Sticker
  11. Window Somewhere
  12. (secret instrumental)
  13. Quiet the Room
  14. You are my House