Hyperpop wunderkind kmoe is continuously elevating his sound with every release. He’s always embodied the notion behind hyperpop, showcasing his emotions amidst an array of vibrant electronics and booming beats to create a cacophony of madness that is as bonkers as it is addictive. The warped vocals have become a signature part of his sound, disguising his more introspective lyrics as banging hooks you’d play in the middle of a club to liven up the room and get everyone singing along word for word. Nothing demonstrates this more than his latest release wide eyes, a tender track written about his girlfriend and her emotional struggles. Kmoe’s hook delivers all the backstory we need to what’s happening with juno and dltzk hopping onto the track to add a fresh outsiders perspective with them channeling teenage angst into the lyrics, “Falling through is a big mistake / I wish I could gauge my eyes out.” That’s what I find so darn appealing about kmoe’s sound though, he doesn’t hide his emotions behind a veil of mystery. He puts everything on the table and lets you find your own self within his words, forming a bond where you could almost swear you and him were the same being.

With his youthful energy and reckless abandonment of usual sonic conventions kmoe has built a loyal fanbase, he’s been steadily climbing up the industry ladder and I am sure it won’t be too long before we see him at countless festivals and being the name on countless people’s lips.

“I started the beat for wide eyes a few months ago, and it sat on my desktop for a while before I picked it back up and decided to take a shot at doing some vocals on it. I wrote wide eyes about my girlfriend’s emotional struggles last year. The hook is about how she would hide in her room from the moment she got home from school, until the moment she left for school the next day, and the verse is about the idea of me leaving to LA and her not coming with me. The song remained dormant for another few months until I decided to send it to my best friends, juno and dltzk. They both sent me back their verses, and dltzk also wrote an amazing bridge for the song. After letting the song sit for months on my harddrive, it all finally got finished within a week of getting my best friends on the track.”