Ever since we premiered their debut single Daydreamer back in the middle of 2020, KIDSNOT$AINTS have gone from strength to strength as the east coast creative collective formed an unbreakable bond and a sound that put emphasis on love, heartbreak and everything in-between. However what I admire most about them is their storytelling ability. They deliver their narratives with an earnest vocal performance to create an air of authenticity surrounding their music, as a result their talk-style lyrics are reminiscent of a conversation with your mate, sitting down at a bar was you both pour your heart out over a cold one. This imagery is littered throughout their debut EP CAN BOYS HAVE DIARIES, with them showcasing emotions that men usually keep locked away inside of them as they discuss love in a candid way that make their lyrics read like, well, diary pages.

Each track dives into a new stage of love, from start to finish you’ll feel like you’re going through a relationship with these guys, hoping the breaking up part never arrives. Al’s Interlude is a tearjerker about reminiscing over a toxic relationship, with melancholia oozing out of the soundscape that’s accented by the mournful guitars and the opening line says everything you need to know, “You can do
me wrong a million times / but I still won’t know how to hate you.”
I Think I Need Help is as bubbly as can be, capturing the carefree nature of the early stages of love, that is until issues come bubbling to the surface, mainly how we put on a facade to please someone so they don’t leave us like others have previously. Cloud 9 soars through the sky with the jubilation it offers, with a chorus of lush harmonies that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Then we’ve got Girl With The Filas, an intimate tracks that’s as emotionally enthralling as it is heartbreaking and is designed to be listened to with tissues. Yup, this is one hell of a debut EP and shows that KIDSNOT$AINTS are something special.