Trending at number 18 on Youtube, Jackboy drop the music video ‘Money Don’t Make Your Real’ on Halloween day. The single was pulled off his latest project ‘Jackboy 2’ released on August 26th.

‘Money Don’t Make You Real’ is a personal sounding record from Jackboy. The single speaks on his definition of “real” or “solid” for any individual. Jackboy clarifies that any amount of money obtained doesn’t earn you respect, but how you display authenticity on a consent basis is how you earn your stripes.

While speaking on not valuing money at the highest level, the video’ Money don’t make you real’ sure did look expensive. Jackboy is yet in another city showing off Roll Royces, Lamborghini trucks, Jeweraly, Dior apparel, and more. Jackboy has been a world tour shooing videos this year, having shot in Haiti, Dubai, Paris, etc.

Check out Jackboy’s latest video and project below.