Refusing to be constrained by other people’s perceptions, the Atlanta, Georgia based trio luminism use the ‘anything goes’ mindset of modern music and propel it to the nth degree to form a sound that balances the fine line between over the top fun and introspective somber. A fusion of math rock, bedroom pop and just about every genre imaginable, their sound is like a childhood art experiment where you throw everything onto a canvas and see what works, the difference being they’ve done it in such a refined style that they manage to create something awe inspiring every-time. Jazz, indie rock, funk, R&B and every genre in-between, they shape it to fit their style and the story that they want to tell. Resulting in a sound that’s consistently familiar yet never the same.

Their latest EP east coast emo is a sonic treat but it’s their opening track want from me that caught my attention and had me enamoured by their sound in a heartbeat. The number is lead by intricate guitar melodies that swiftly glide between drum n bass styled beats in the undertone of the track, a charismatic vocal crooning introspective lyrics regarding their own pain and harmonies reminiscent of HAIM during their Days Are Gone era. The rhythm gets your head bopping as if you were at an early 90’s house concert, contrasting the more emotionally charged lyrics that read like a conversation between two ex lovers where one has finally decided they’ve had enough. You’ll slowly find yourself being lost within the heartfelt narrative as the thumping guitar riff and pulsating beats propel the piece forward into the sonic unknown that this band has become more than acquainted within.