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T-Rell shares a unique side of adultery from the male perspective displaying immense vulnerability and compassion. Seldomly do we hear of cheating and deceit occurring and remaining loyal to your partner having to hide true feelings of pain.

Video’ Fake Smiles’ tells the story of a toxic relationship, still being in love with someone who you know is cheating on you. After walking in and seeing his girl lovemaking with another guy, he Exits without them knowing, and reflects on his girl cheating, and shedding some tears.

T-Rell soulfully sings his pain in the chorus, “I be givin’ fake smiles cause I don’t wanna lose you / I gotta hide my pain / Inside I’m breaking down cause this hurt is on my mind.”

‘Fake Smile’ is the seventh track off of 2 Big 2 Ignore, Rell’s latest album, which peaked at #1 on the iTunes sales chart upon release this past September. The Topeka, Kansas native built a fanbase with his emotional storytelling and soul-baring honesty.

Check out the video ‘Fake Smile’ below along with his latest album, ‘2 Big 2 Ignore’.