Rich as honey, smooth as a butter and a production so scorching hot the mere sound of the rhythmic bassline will send a warm sensation rushing through every artery of your body. That is what Lance Redeker has produced today with his latest drop. A ready made summer anthem, Honey is an alternative R&B banger that was made for days at the beach where you’re able to kick back and relax without a single care in the world. The sun-kissed production is a gift within itself, featuring scintillating melodies that’s like a cool breeze caressing your body during a boiling hot day. Each performer brings their A-game too, whether it be Redeker’s honey drizzled voice that is pure ear candy, AG Club’s charismatic flair that brings a fresh personality to the soundscape or Sam Truth’s lyrical waxing that is the cherry on top of the whole affair. From coast to coast, be prepared to add this to any summer playlist you’ve got for the next few months, it’ll be a treat that you just can’t get enough of.

Lance Redeker, AG Club and Sam Truth are a match made in heaven. Individually they shine like diamonds, put them together and it only amplifies their sonic world’s further. All superstar talents in the making.