Providing a plethora of quotable lyrics for your next instagram breakup caption, REMIEWORLD continues his mission to get the world bouncing to his insatiable bops. His latest drop, Missed Calls, is a masterclass in juxtaposition. With heart-wrenching lyrics designed to make you think back to lovers of your past with a soft fondness, similar to that of looking through an old photo album, he flips the script with a production filled with gleeful melodies and uplifting beats that would be more apt for something like Happy from Pharrell. However, the artist has managed to make these polarising elements clash together in such a way that it’s utterly hypnotic and addictive from start to finish. After one listen you’ll swiftly find yourself humming along to the catchy melodies, wanting to dance like no ones watching and, if you’re going through a rough breakup, finding yourself within the lyrics.

If you’re a fan of early noughties love songs but want something that has a modern twist to it, this single from REMIEWORLD is one you’re gonna want on repeat for weeks to call. It’s REMIE’s WORLD and we’re just living in it.