Have you ever listened to a song that shifts the nature of your reality, and takes you back in time. Producer Lando Burch’s latest album Saturn St. is one of the few modern-day albums that can capture the essence of disco and funk music with a contemporary twist. And with every song Burch captures the nostalgic spirit of the 70s, inspiring every one of his listeners to go out and dance the night away. Saturn St. which contains ten songs in the disco and future-funk genres is Burch’s most significant project to date in the way it fully embodies his desired sound as a producer. And with a sound this unique, we can already predict a bright musically induced future down the line for Lando Burch.

Lando Burch was born in Colorado, in the small town of Telluride where he first picked up music with no background or training. As he moved to California and settled in an apartment adjacent to Beverly Hills, Burch was completely inspired by the change of scenery. He even noted that after working on this project for two years, every song that made it on the album was constructed in the Golden State. Burch’s expansive sound possesses so much character, and even includes an outro track with the background noise of some of the people he has crossed paths with while being in California, which he notes are “the greatest people he’s met in his life.” The next time you and your friends set out for a night out on the town, Saturn St. will provide the beats needed to transport you to a distant world filled with uncharted sonic landscapes. We look forward to hearing more from Lando Burch as he starts to take over the disco/ future funk wave genre.