I’ve been singing by praises for SPIDER for almost four years now, ever since her early days she’s continually elevated her sound to form stunning pieces of alternative pop that’ve left her fanbase floored. From her viral debut Water Signs, reminiscent of Lorde collaborating with Florence Welch, which launched her career to new unforeseen heights to the intensely honest I’M FINE! I’M GOOD! I’M PERFECT! that’s destined to be a stadium anthem, she just doesn’t miss. Meticulously crafted like the intricacies of a spiders web, this artist creates a soundscape that is utterly fascinating whilst maintaining a level of familiarity that allows us to continually comeback and fawn over her talents. Today is no exception with the release of her highly anticipated debut EP C.O.A.

The best way of describing this project is that SPIDER made a Best Hits project on her first try. Her two previous tracks feature but we’re also gifted with two new bops that show a new side of her artistry. ROMEO is brooding by design, instantly bringing you into a dark headspace with ominous synths and seismic guitars clashing against one another to highlight the emotion of SPIDER’s expressive vocal. Then we’ve got U GET HIGH / I GET NOTHING is everything I adore about this artist and then some, because she isn’t afraid to standout and do something different from the norm in the alt pop scene. She brings a level of originality that’s hard to ignore and when you combine that with never say never mindset, I think it’s safe to say she’s going to be the biggest artist to come from Ireland since Bono.