Whoever said punk rock is dead definitely hasn’t listened to Rust yet. Packed with that nostalgic emo sound, Rust takes you back to the early 2000s; the era of side bangs and ripped black skinny jeans. Created by two of Perth’s strongest rising acts, LATE 90s and Spici Water have assembled a song sure to make the playlists of many punk rock enthusiasts.

LATE 90s possesses an alt-rock skater-esque sound whereas Spici Water harbour that classic indie vibe complemented by strong female-led vocals. Both bands have been swarming local venues across Perth and gaining well-deserved traction across Australian airwaves. The two bands have played alongside major artists such as Old Mervs, DICE and Between You & Me.

Instantly captured by AJ’s stirringly heartfelt vocals, Rust speaks on a hardship post-relationship. With hints of pierce the veil and Paramore, LATE 90s and Spici Water have created a melancholy banger. Accompanied with manic guitars and an outstanding rhythm, the song begs to be blasted on repeat.

Rust has been released at the perfect time, a punk rock revival wave is certainly not to be missed! An outstanding track constructed by two bands that plead to be heard. A well-deserved achievement for LATE 90s and Spici Water, we can only hope to hear more collaborations are in the works for these two.