There’s something so beautifully earnest about Lyle Kam’s music. The Toronto based singer songwriter and producer’s sound is an open book, candidly showing every corner of his life as he bares his soul through a myriad of profound lyrical sentiments that often have you reaching for the tissues. He pens emotions we keep stored within our head and allows us to feel a little less alone in a world where loneliness feels forever prominent. His coruscating soundscape matches this perfectly too, blending the poppy melodies with an often stripped back production that magnifies the emotion behind the piece, often leading to the message giving us a visceral gut-punch of knockout worthy proportions. He’s a true talent and he continues to showcase that today.

Depicting the anxiety felt when travelling in the air with only yourself for company, isn’t it funny features a tearjerking display of lyrical storytelling unlike anything Kam has produced in the past, “or maybe it’s sad, cause I’ll never see you as much as I want.” With an elegantly intimate production that takes the weight of the world off your shoulders and makes you feel like you’re floating on air, this single is a dreamscape of wonders that is as blissful as it is heartwrenching. The emotion cascades down upon you like a waterfall, every drop hitting you to the point where you can’t tell what’s water and what is your own tears. Include his vocal flourishes that intimately takes by the hand and gently guides you through the graceful narrative and it’s clear to see Lyle Kam is next level.