Whilst countless other kids were out at parties on New Years Eve ready to ring in the new year with their friends, Leah Sykes chose to babysit instead. The reason for this is explained quite perfectly through the title of her latest release All The Cool Kids Get High, a classic pop bop that’s like a fusion of Dua Lipa’s slick vocal, Katy Perry’s bubbly pop sensibility and Taylor Swift’s relatable lyrical performance style. This was made for singing at top volume into your hairbrush, which makes sense because Sykes literally does this in the music video, as you let all you frustrations out about your cooped up adolescence. It hits that sweet spot of melancholia, stemming from her own social goals of wanting to be one of the popular kids despite her apprehensions on a lot of their activities, and jubilance from envision herself living that lifestyle without a care in the world. Include a pretty in pink music video and you’ve got a pop track that’s bound to be sung by young teens across the country.

Be sure to dive into the rest of Sykes’ discography when you get the chance. She’s got a wide array of addictive bops that would probably have some sensational hooks that all the cool kids in the charts wish they’d thought of.