Beautiful, raw, passionate, electric, relatable, honest, these are all words that can describe Roann’s music. Her forthright songwriting style sees her translate unfiltered thoughts into emotionally evocative lyrical displays that read like a diary entry, allowing us to feel an instant connection with every word she utters through her celestial vocal. Heaven on Earth is no exception to this.

Her lates single is about the essence of pure love and what on this earth makes us feel like we’re floating above the clouds, with Roann’s lush vocal tone effortlessly showcasing this. The stripped back production is reminiscent of what you’d expect to hear at a wedding as the married couple’s first dance song. With loved up guitars built into this elegant R&B wonderland as the whimsical bassline melts into the soundscape as honey drizzled backing harmonies put you into bliss induced coma, transporting you away from the hum-drum of everyday life and to somewhere surround by the people that make life so wonderful. Include a feature from Jordan Hawkin’s and you’re in an R&B dream.

This is what love is all about and I’m fairly certain we all hope to find someone one day who makes us feel the way Roann does with her music. Love never sounded so good.