If you’re a fan of the Scott Pilgrim vs The World soundtrack, I mean who isn’t with the amount of heavy hitting tracks featured on it, then its time to be introduced to the Ramona Flowers of our reality LIA LIA. The young artist has dropped three singles, all in different years, all ranging from spaced out emotive alternative pop jams to funk based electronic jams and today she goes in a completely new direction that will have you head banging in your room in no time flat. Whilst the rest of the world is idolising the majestic butterflies that flutter around in the sun, LIA LIA instead focuses on the beauty of the nighttime butterfly, the humble moth.

In I’m a Moth we’re greeted by a chorus of fuzzy guitar melodies, all humming around the infectious percussion section that gets us into the raw state of mind LIA LIA is portraying through her grunge induced soundscape. The lyrics mix between an amusing tongue in cheek style of wit to a something that makes you sit and think about what she’s referring to, particularly during the hook, “I’m a moth / Can anyone see what a pretty butterfly I could’ve been.” Perfectly balanced between over the top fun and insightful meaning, LIA LIA’s new direction will turn into a moth lover in a heartbeat. enthusiast