I’ve sung my praises for Buppy countless times in the past because, quite frankly, this artist has just always impressed me. At 18 years old he continually raises the bar and elevates his musicality with every release, expanding upon his unfiltered lyrical musings to create emotionally invigorating soundscapes that you’ll instantly be able to connect with. He’s got a vision for his music, he knows all the little idiosyncratic details that go into his sound that make it sound completely fresh and downright spectacular. His single Open My Letter was my introduction, I’ve been a fan of his music ever since and today we see his crowning achievement with a track that’s been all over my Tik Tok page for the past month Cold Nights in Hollywood.

Whilst L.A is known as the city of dreams, the star studded landscape can often leave you feeling so small and completely alone, but there’s one person who makes these cold nights feel like the summer paradise the city is always advertised as. This single dives into the nitty gritty of losing that person, waking up without them by your side, missing holding them at night, wanting nothing more than to talk to them, you get the tragically morbid picture. Buppy paints this pain with a Van Gogh styled brush, painting a vivid image of his emotional torment through his use of melancholia inducing lyrics and vulnerable production that reflects his raw honesty. Infuse that with a video that gives his storytelling new meaning and you’ll soon realise how outstanding Buppy is.