Starting his career at the age of 19, Liam Brock is a testament to the kids who have embraced their hometown. Growing up in the midwest isn’t an easy thing to do when you want to be a musician, but where a big city offers opportunity, your hometown brings support and community. 

Coming off releasing his first song ever in May of this year (2022), he has since updated his catalog with an EP, and most recently, two more singles to celebrate his 20th birthday; the pair of tracks showing us what direction he will be going with his music in the future. 

The duo of ‘Stalled’ and ‘Trying To Feel It’ juxtapose each other well with the sonic variety between the two, but you can feel a common thematic thread that pulls them together. 

‘Stalled’ is a stripped back acoustic ballad that calls out into the abyss – coming directly from a longing heart – and ‘Trying To Feel It’ is almost as if you give the song a fraternal twin that looks nothing like its sibling, yet delivers a similar sentiment through a more brash rock sound that fully lets the message breathe. 

The two live in the universe of slightly raspy and distant music that is known to come from the area, and they deliver a truly beautiful sound that is reminiscent of, and familiar to an entire region.