If Hedda Mae was alive during the 90’s she’d of probably been one of the biggest pop stars of the time. Her brand of insatiable pop, filled to the brim with buoyant melodies, an overly jubilant soundscape, and fervent beats that make you want to move your body like they do on Dancing With The Stars, and brings so much colour to the current pop scene. Her radiant energy shines as brightly as the sun, turning any cloudy day where the world feels morose into one brimming with life. One listen to her EP This Might Get Loud and you’ll feel your serotonin levels right dramatically and have a euphoric sensation wash over you in an instant.

Rhythm to Myself is an early 90’s pop dance banger, easily gets you wanting to pull shapes on the dance floor. Albeit for me it’d be the equivalent of watching the Inbetweeners movie dance scene at the club. Wake Up has a subtle country influence to it through the use of rustic beats and guitar melodies but infuses it with a contemporary pop twist that revitalises your energy instantly. Another Stranger is something I can see a crowd of people belting out in unison at any Hedda Mae concert. It Ain’t You is as joyous as can be, but are we really surprised with the jubilant energy she brings? The finale Winner is the cherry on top of this wondrous affair. Summer might be over, but Hedda Mae is keeping that warm feeling going all year round.