Kings Elliot has just dropped her sophomore EP Bored of the Circus and you all know what that means? Yes, it’s time to go into our rooms, shut the curtains, turn all the lights off, get into your comfy clothes, wrap a blanket around ourselves, and have a long crying session that is a means of catharsis for us. From her debut to now, I’ve become accustom to letting myself become more vulnerable whenever I hear the celestial timbre of her heavenly vocal. She’s got the powerhouse emotional capacity of Adele with the ethereal beauty and artistic ingenuity of Kate Bush, creating a compelling musical experience that’s unique to her. This EP is that and then some.

Opening with the dramatic Til I Die, we’re instantly brought into an open emotional setting where our guard is let down and we let her poetic lyrics in, all whilst the track slowly builds from a quiet beginning to a James Bond styled end. Cry, Baby, Cry has me reaching for the tissues as it feels as if she’s personally singing this directly at me. Ashes By The Morning is the best track of the EP, heartfelt emotion, pure talent and an utterly breathtaking display that’s left me begging for more. A bittersweet beauty surrounds Butterfly Pen, crafting a saudade musical experience that’s hard to ignore. The final track Someday, Somewhere brings us to the end of this heart-on-sleeve journey and it’s clear to see that Kings Elliot is royalty as far as songwriting goes.