We’ve all blindly fallen for someone within our life. We throw all caution to the wind, all the worries and fears before letting our mind wander freely with all the fantasies we can muster, envisioning weddings, holidays away for months at a time and spending the rest of our lives together. It’s a moment where all our walls come crumbling down and we allow ourselves to be truly vulnerable. Our emotions become as open as can be and the fear builds inside of us, the little butterflies in our stomach flutter around and we get terrified about whether they feel the same. It’s a subject that walks on precarious ground but the Dublin based R&B musician Maria has captured the anxiety and joy of the situation with sublime accuracy in Do You.

The velvety timbre of her vocal pours across the soundscape with her honey-drizzled melodies lapping up every moment of it, all with a saudade production helping raise the track to new heights. Her lyrics are unfiltered thoughts running through her mind during this emotionally hectic time, highlighting the back and forth thinking love often brings. The fear of them not loving you back, the joy that they seem to be showing an interest in you, the anxiety of what others might think, the anger of what your parents have said about them, it all comes out. Be sure to add this to any of your romantic playlists as you’ll be swooning and contemplating what you were even scared of in the first place.