Photo: Instagram

This week, Nigerian star Omah Lay, who’s breaking way into the US as his fellow Nigerians, has released a new dance track called ‘Free My Mind’. From the start of the track, he counts the many girls he sees when he’s moving about to promote his music. Based on the lyrics, he has an American who doesn’t let him down. His lady in Senegal doesn’t give him what he wants on the intimate front, and the one from UNILAG—the University of Lagos—behaves like a hoodlum. There’s another one that goes to the University of Port Harcourt.

As one can probably imagine, dealing with multiple women is intense, which is why Omah Lay seemingly gets to the hook or chorus and wants to free his mind with “shayo”, a word that loosely translates to happiness in Yoruba. During the next verse, he digs deep into clout-chasers and talentless people with “sharp mouths”. It’s entertaining for me when artists speak on what they’re dealing with as artists, so I will always enjoy when they’re being sincere and real about their experiences.

Listen to the track below; watch the lyric video below. Blaise Beatz produced the record. If you like what you’re hearing, get ready for the Port Harcourt, Nigeria-native’s debut album titled ‘Boy Alone’. If it will have the Tempoe-produced hit record ‘Understand’ on it, and this one, we’re on a good path to enjoyment.