Strange, phenomenal, distinct and groundbreaking are all words that apply to ATARASHII GAKKO (meaning new school in Japanese), a group dedicated to representing a new generation of Japanese youth who’s sound is as fresh as can me. The break the mould, creating a sound that’s a mix between classic punk influences from the early British era of the genre, thumping house music you’d expect to see at any underground club, fresh pop hooks hit makers would’ve killed to get their hands on and even a bit of funk thrown in there that SILK SONIC would be impressed by. They’re redefining what people expect from girl groups, venturing into new territories with every release that continuously makes their sound fresh and breathtakingly captivating. When you include Money Mark in the production studio, a man who’s known for helping artists shatter any ceiling that’s held above them, and you know that they’re destined to fly the flag high for their fans and become a talent that is a force to be reckoned with.

Their latest EP SNACKTIME is a testament to all of this because if you blind listened to all of these tracks you’d be convinced every song was from a different artist. They explore more new genre combinations in this on EP than what most artists will in their lifetime and that along deserves us to sit in awe of their musical ability. From the wickedly addictive Pineapple Kryptonite that I’ve had stuck in my head for the past week and the punk rock anthem Free Your Mind, to pulsating disco-techque/house beats of Candy and funky rhythmic motions of Happy Hormones, everything is so refreshingly brilliant. In the same way that BTS waved the flag for the Korean Pop scene, I think ATARASHII GAKKO will shine a light on all the dazzling talent in Japan’s thriving music scene. Hop onto this EP and blast it out of any speaker you’ve got ASAP!