The UK rap scene is arguably the best in the world right now. Each city from Manchester to Glasgow has an underground scene that’s thriving, contorting the genre to fit their needs and adding nuances lyrically linking back to their home town. London based rapper LM is no different, creating a sound that sits somewhere been a smokey jazz club Jay Gatsby would sit in, and the chilled out hip hop livestreams. From embellished piano keys gracefully gliding over a muted soundscape, and looped 808’s adding a punchy undertone, LM has got a spark that could turn into a roaring blaze.

Produced by LC3, his lates track North/South showcases his quick-witted lyrical storytelling. Exploring the contrasting relationship of friends and foes on the London North/South divide, along with the balance between right and wrong, this is the gem in LM’s rap crown. His emblazon deliver is our narrator, guiding you through a myriad of complex matters as if it were mere child’s play. Never dumbing it down or masquerading these issues as something they’re not, he speaks to the audience on a level playing field before delivering emotionally visceral gut punches.

With more dropping in the near future and some stellar visuals lined up too, LM is one of the few people who can fix the North/South divide through his music alone.