Valentines Day has come and gone, but if you’re looking for a single that will leave you feeling hot under the collar, then BAYEM is the artist for you. Whilst The Weeknd has been crowned the king of modern day turn-people-on songs, previously belonging to Barry White, BAYEM is putting up a fight to be a rivalled competitor. Having an outstanding 2022, with his music being featured on The Kardashians and Sex Appeal, he’s keeping the momentum up in 2023 with the German-American artist opening his catalogue this year with the sensual single Daze.

We’ve all caught feelings too quick in the past. We don’t know anything about them, but from just a small conversation we get struck by Cupid’s arrow and become intoxicated by them. That hallucinogenic feeling is depicted here with BAYEM’s voice given you that euphoric high that only seeing this person can give you. The electrifying, funk-driven production elevates this feeling further, making you feel hot under the collar whilst offering vivid flashbacks to past and current love at first sights.

Since dropping Pressure, BAYEM has been a firm favourite on this sight and it’s clear to see why. He’s an artist who’s poignantly and gracefully guides you through love, giving you euphoria, melancholy, and every conceivable emotion that comes along with it. He’s never one note, in fact he’s every note under the sun.