If you need something to soundtrack those days where you’re having an existential crisis, pondering the big questions that life often asks us and going to a dark place where light seems to be in short supply, then Lo Artiz’s latest single is the song for you. Filled with vivid lyrical imagery that turns anything you envision into a cinematic marvel, a compelling hook that’ll leave you entranced by the mystique it offers and a voice that’s otherworldly, 11:11 is a sonic activation that will leave you awe-inspired. The dreamy instrumental highlights Artiz’s passionate vocal with a soulful undertone, that wouldn’t be too out of place in a Tash Sultana record, which allows the message to soar higher than Mount Olympus and leave you reeling from the emotional devastation.

That’s what I find most mesmerising about this track. The evocative passion that comes form it. If you’ve ever gone to the darkest corners of your mind and fought with all of your might to get out of it, then you’ll find yourself within her words today. Artiz wrote this when she was soul-deep in a depressive episode, searching to find away out whilst getting her feelings onto paper to form a sentimental and hopeful single that encourages us all to look at the bigger picture to find a way out.