Some artists don’t need a huge production comprising of gigantic synths, bombastic guitars and high energy hooks that can launch you into a frenzy like no other. All some artists need is a minimalistic production with the main focus being on the gentle plucking of an acoustic guitar, their celestial vocal gliding across the soundscape like a swan on water and a compelling story to tie it all together. That’s what MYTBE is all about with her rich falsetto making a long awaited return since her 2020 debut EP spill out in an enthralling single that was more than worth the wait.

Spolier for Stranger Things season 4 but this is the song that would get me to come out of the Upside Down. Moody is an intimate tale about wanting to be loved no matter what your circumstances might be. Just wanting to be held close by someone who knows every single part of you unlike anyone else and still loves you for it. The euphoria we feel from it is felt through her celestial vocal, allowing us to view past/current romances through rose tinted glasses that make us jubilant that we’ve found someone like this to begin with. All common sense goes rushing out the window with the strong sense of love we feel and MYTBE has captured that with sheer talent and grace. Combine a music video that peaks into her own love life and you’ve got a simply stunning affair.