It’s been three years since we last covered the talented songstress Lucy Park on our site and a lot has changed in that time. For one, we’re no longer trapped inside due to the Corona Virus, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is Park’s beautiful songwriting. Her sound is a mixture between the rainy days experienced throughout the year in London, melted together with the warm embrace of the LA sun, which makes sense considering she’s based between the two. Her brand of R&B is as real as can be, it’s why after three years I still find myself coming back to her music and discovering unique details I’d previously missed.

Resting State is her first entry into 2023 and it’s the embodiment of the majesty she possesses as an artist. Recorded in her London living room with a small mic and some voice notes, there’s an undeniable authenticity that is felt through both her lyrics and production style. It’s perfectly imperfect, featuring little embellishments that add to the charm of her sound, even featuring her dad yelling in the background at one point, adding to the authenticity further. With her halcyon voice being at the centre of it all, the sparse production helps her shine, and gives weigh to her beautiful storytelling.

Lucy Park has been in her resting state for the past couple of years, but her comeback shows she’s entered her golden era.