Back in 2021 I fell head over heels for rainbow frog biscuits because of their debut single Attention. They made you feel as if you were ruling over some mythical fairy kingdom, I mean if Bridge to Terabithia was released in 2023 I could see a number of her songs become apart of the soundtrack. Their colourfully quirky world has a wonderful charm and once you enter you don’t want to leave the magic behind, so you keep it with you, playing gently in your ear throughout the monotomous day to help keep you going. Even her community has a whimsical charm about it, with them creating art, poems, and stories surrounding her music. There’s even actual rainbow frog biscuits on her site for her fans to make!

Hide Behind is exactly where I expected to see her in 2023. Her storytelling has expanded, becoming almost musical theatre like with her conversational lyrics, but maintaining an indie charm that’s reminiscent of Dodie, and I know I’m not the first to make that comparison. Her gossamer vocal now radiates a warm energy, welcoming you into her world with a big embrace that’s simply wonderful. It’s hard not to smile like a Cheshire Cat as the single progresses, going from a gentle acoustic single to one that makes you want to dance as you’re walking down the road and cry at the same time.

You won’t ever get a recipe for rainbow frog biscuits songwriting because they are the secret ingredient.