I’ve always been a fan of when artists inject personality into their vocal performance, just a little bit of characterisation can often add a whole new layer to a track that makes me fall head over heels for it in an instant. Straight off the bat Lucy Warr does that whilst still maintaining a pristine pop sound that is reminiscent of recent Norwegian starlet Sigird with a bit of Jessie War’es vocal prowess within her latest track. In previous releases she’s shown her ability to craft authentic stories that carry strong messages of empowerment but today within Rip It Off she takes her sound to a whole new level and shows us all the potential she has to simply soar.

Inspirational lyrics start the piece off with them detailing how we all hide ourselves behind a mask, not literally like in today’s climate, and don’t show everyone what we’re going through, we pretend to be jubilant within our life when mentally we’re struggling. The message is all the more relevant now more than ever and whilst the message encourages to show how we’re feeling there is a light at the end of the tunnel as Warr tells us all how sometimes it’s okay to not be okay. This is a high flying and shimmering pop track that sees Lucy Warr elevate her sound to new heights and we’re thrilled to see her thriving.