Around a year ago the New York based musician Lui$a dropped her debut EP Limelight, a project inspired by the thriving night club culture of her home city during the 1980’s. Throughout the EP you’re greeted by a wide array of glistening melodies, crunchy industrial beats, dark lyrics, buoyant hooks and a vast array of other jarring elements that come together to represent the melting pot of culture the city often represents. She even titled the projected after the infamous The Limelight club that was known for being a safe place for people to openly express themselves. From all of this she made a wondrous project, but one song stood out to me.

Daily is the type of song you’d expect to hear on the radio from someone like Dua Lipa. From the insatiable melodies that wriggle their way into the deepest crevasses of your skull to the idiosyncratic hooks and danceable production that gets your body moving like it was 1987 and I Wanna Dance With Somebody just came on. Her vocal accentuates this with the character she brings to the piece that makes you want to sing along as your body sways to the beat. I can easily see this being featured on countless pre-club night playlists that’ll get you in the mood for a cracking night of fun.