Those nights where you’re camping out under the stars with your partner with a fire crackling besides you, the food is cooking and you’re just wrapped close together in a blanket enjoying the bliss this night has brought you. That feeling is what the 20 year old musician unkept has captured in a bottle here with his angelic single. Kill yourself before i fall in love takes the melancholia beauty that Frank Ocean has become renowned for and polymerases it with the charismatic, electronic production of a brakence track, resulting in something that you can cry and smile along with. The sparse soundscape of an acoustic guitar being gently strummed with wistful synths and a subtle crackle creates an intimate setting straight off the bat, drawing you in and letting unkept get everything off their chest with you listening as a loyal friend. There’s no grand moment in this track, no oscillating melodies, no memorable hooks, it’s a minimal single that finds this beauty within some of the hardest moments of our life. It’s a single that shows what makes us human and you’ve got to truly admire that.