I’m a sucker for a good pun so Luken’s debut single Beyoncé Knows immediately caught my attention and, in a matter of seconds, had me hooked. The minimalistic production comprised of only a lullaby styled acoustic guitar melody creates an intimate atmosphere that is akin to going to a local bar and seeing a performer pour their soul out to the small room where everyone is enraptured by the story. He invites you to bare witness to his inner turmoil as he confesses his heartache through a flurry of evocative lyrics, all whilst being able to add some clever lyrical wordplay with many references to past Beyoncé singles and lyrics. His voice has a subtle cry to it, making these words hit even harder as his soundscape ebbs and flows with the tenderness of his voice to make every note pierce through your heart. After one listen you’ll be close to crying on the floor in a puddle of your own tears, so definitely grab some tissues as he welcomes you into his heartache.

Simple in nature but perfectly done, Luken has me on tenterhooks with his debut. His sublime vocal has me hooked and his blunt yet poetic brand of storytelling has me excited to see what’s going to happen next for this young artist.