There’s a special aura that revolves around Lexie Carroll’s music. Her gossamer vocal delicately glides across the melancholy tones of her acoustic guitar, ethereal piano keys and atmospheric drums, forming a soundscape that can only be described as magical. The 16 year old has been sporadically releasing music the past few years, unveiling introspective indie ballads that are reminiscent of Dodie during her early years and Bon Iver’s intimate emotional resonance, all of which are perfect to play on rainy days. However, her latest release we’re not lonely anymore is where she’s hit that sonic sweet spot. As her melodies begin to play, you’ll soon find yourself quietly smiling from ear to ear. The lyrics are joyous, it’s about finding your people, discovering your pack and going from living your life in solitude, to dancing in the rain with a group of people whom you cannot imagine life without as you scream from the rooftops the track’s title. Memories of your friendships pop to the forefront of your mind as the blossoming, ethereal soundscape plays on with all it’s majestic glory.

If there’s a director out there looking for a song to add to their latest coming of age movie soundtrack, then look no further. Lexie Carroll knows how to put magic into her sonic musings and make it feel like you’re reliving the highlights of your life with an old friend. She’s got that special gift and, with her writing songs since she was 8 years old, it’s no surprise as to why.