Fearlessly magnificent is the best way to describe the Canadian singer, songwriter, producer and all around stellar talent Nares’ debut single. She’s blazing a trail, bravely leaping and bounding over any barrier that gets in her way as she beautifully crafts an experimental sonic experience that is distinct to only herself. R&B, pop, electronic, country, hardcore, pretty much every genre known to man finds its way into her hyperpop oriented debut and you’d think having all these elements in one piece would be a car crash, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Boulevards is a euphonic explosion where each elements come together to live in perfect harmony, feeling incredibly fresh with the grandiose of her blossoming electronics whilst giving an odd sense of nostalgia with her introspective lyrical storytelling. Her emotion is powerful, every note is filled with such evocative prowess that it’s hard not to lose yourself within this nostalgia ladened soundscape that will realise just how quickly the reality of life has caught up with you. It’s simply breathtaking.

We’re baring witness to something quite special here. This debut has ridiculously high replay value, a pristine vocal that blends effortlessly with the halcyon soundscape and a music video that is simple but so damn effective. Nares is magic is a true gem of an artist.