As human beings we like to be in control of our surroundings. We like to know what’s going to happen, where we’re gonna meet, what time, how long it’s going to go on for, you get the picture. But, when one thing goes wrong we begin to panic and do all we can to grasp hold of the situation once again, often making it worse in the process, isolating our self as a result. There is a positive to that however, at least you’re getting the version of this event that you wanted. All of this and more has been what the Portland, OR-based singer-songwriter Madisenxoxo who’s transferred her chaotic musings into a raw alternative track titled Control Freak.

Like a skilled tightrope walker, Madisen balances the two elements of this track, chaos and order, with sublime technique. Going from quieter verses that are reminiscent of her more earlier indie folk work, to a cacophony of guitars during the chorus that disrupts the serene in explosive fashion. Her voice hits that sweet spot too, managing to have a frantic energy that bounces of the raw guitar riff, but also a smoothed out, tender edge that showcases her vulnerability. Passionate and honest, this is one you’ll want to get into your heavy rotation.

“Control Freak is basically my inner battle with myself as I decide whether or not to let everything be, or put my hand in things and potentially make everything worse. The chorus asks the question, am I a control freak? It’s ironic because in the end, the answer doesn’t matter; I still keep going back to my insisting, demanding ways. And the result is feeling lonely, isolated and probably sinking even deeper into the same old habits. Self-indulgent maybe, but at least I’m getting what I want.”