With two upcoming North America sold out shows and performances at Great Britain’s North/South 2023 Slam Dunk Festival, the much anticipated debut album of SUCKERPUNCH chronicles a new and redefined sound by Maggie Lindemann that’s actually always been true to who she was and who she is as an artist. Although initially blowing up on the pop scene with the single Pretty Girl, her transition to pop-punk/rock was seamless due to her early exposure and upbringing to bands such as No Doubt, and with her chill early 2000’s pop-punk/ska single Friends Go and its lightning mosh pit energy collaboration successor with Travis Barker (in which Barker requested to collaborate after hearing the track), I believe one can attest to that statement of seamless.

As the word is defined as an unexpected hit with no warning, each track reinvents SUCKERPUNCH as an unexpected emotional hit that may not only be initiated by another person such as heartbreak and disappointment, which can be heard in phases and she knows it ,but a self-served sucker-punch that can be realized in the tracks of self-sabotage and i’m so lonely with you. You can even physically experience a sucker-punch as you listen to the slow track of we never even dated transition into the introductory screams of novacaine. My favorite track is how could you do this to me? featuring Pierce the Veil’s, Kellin Quinn while Maggie’s favorite track off the album is hear me out. Maggie recommends listening to this album in order straight through to understand a full story. The emphasis of lyrical storytelling and the album’s conclusion with cages brings a message of complete confidence and reassurance that maybe your journey, no matter how you travel, will bring you back to the same place (or sound) with a newer, wiser, and better you.