The resurgence of pop punk over the past few years has been a blessing. We’re being engulfed by a plethora of outstanding artists who’re giving the nostalgic sound a much needed facelift. My Chemical Romance, Blink-182 and Fallout Boy have all made comebacks, so why shouldn’t the genre itself come back with an almighty bang? Especially bands like Gold Steps are entering the fray with a polymerising sound that takes the best of the pop and punk world. There album That Ain’t It showcases that but it’s the standout track Gatsby that caught my attention.

The best way of describing this track is like taking that bad-ass clip of Taylor Swift where she’s singing We Are Never Getting Back Together live with the grit in her voice, and fusing it with the bittersweet sensation of fleeting youth mixed with reckless abandonment. The emphatic vocals ooze charisma as they inject a tsunami’s worth of personality into the soundscape, all with a jubilant production exuding an energy that transcends onto you, making you want to dance like no one in the world is watching. The thrilling sound is perfect for blasting out as you drive over the speed limit down the highway with the wind flowing through your hair. Pop punk might’ve been dead and buried, but Gold Step have given it CPR and brought it back to life.