Maluma joins Zane Lowe on Apple Music to discuss his ‘Hawái’ remix (featuring The Weeknd). He tells Apple Music about working with The Weeknd on the song and calls it “a huge moment for the Latin culture”. He also tells Apple Music about his relationship with Jennifer Lopez and discusses the global nature of music in 2020.

Maluma tells Apple Music about collaborating with The Weeknd and why it’s “A Huge Moment for Latin Culture”

Bro, he killed it, because he’s a real artist. He’s a real artist, man, what he did in this song. For him, it was like he was doing Reggaeton for his whole life. And I knew that his voice in the song could work amazing. And that’s what happened. At the beginning, when I listened to the first verse when he just started the song, that we changed the whole intro of the song, I put his vocals there, I was like, “Bro, this sounds like The Weeknd’s song.” I couldn’t believe how good it was mixing his vocals with my vocals. And man, yeah, I’m blessed. I’m very happy. This is a huge moment for the Latin culture though.

Maluma tells Apple Music about his relationship with Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer, she’s such a boss lady. She loves teaching all her experience, all the things that she knows. And, for me, I mean, I feel very grateful and honored to call her my friend, not only someone who I was working with. And now that we’re about to release our movie with Owen Wilson and all these things that are going to happen on February and everything, the connection between Jennifer and me, it’s been beautiful. We have a beautiful chemistry too, man. We have a lot of projects together too.

Maluma tells Apple Music about the global nature of music at the moment

It’s crazy how, how we’re mixing our cultures, how we’re mixing languages, how we’re mixing rhythms, instrumentals. And that’s what is happening. Now we can say that the music is actually universal right now. There’s no language barrier. There is no rhythm barriers. All these things are happening, they’re happening, very organic, very natural. And we can see it.