I recently discovered Mati and knew I had to share his vibrant melodic hip-hop tune “For The Soul”. It wasn’t just the music that won me over, the track is accompanied by an aesthetic studio performance-style music video that gently captures the vibe. Mati’s talents are a product of poetic and gospel roots presented in his personal finesse developed by life experience. Mati was born in Ethiopia and relocated to South Minneapolis with his family at a young age. Channeling his journey into his music Mati is a true storyteller with lyricism rooted in poetry.

This particular track “For The Soul” has a nice blend of relaxing melodic moments tied with a steady energy making you want to move through the whole song. What stood out to me first was the production comparable to the likes of tobi lou and Aminé. That particular alternative style of putting a personalized spin on the minor details. The funky ad-libs and exaggerated backing vocals that take the music to another level. There’s a little pocket of hip-hop where Mati falls into that’s experimental and exciting the perfect genre to lead into the summer. 

Of course, Mati is doing everything in a way that’s unique to himself, especially when it comes to the story. Mati’s lyrics are a transparent glimpse into what he’s been going through. This song feels a bit more laid back, a subtle flex featuring a female character that’s captured his attention. The vibes are off the charts with this song you have to bounce your head when the beat starts. This track is perfect for a day outside, a long drive, or a friendly vibe, add to all the playlists. 

I’m looking forward to seeing what Mati’s brings the rest of the year! We’re still in those early stages of his career everything is developing as he goes. This is the perfect time to start following along and do a deep dive into what’s already out there. Mati is versatile and truly talented “For The Soul” is a great intro for what you can expect to see. Get familiar and put “For The Soul” on the summer playlist.