Ben Reilly is back like he never left! Coming off the back of the stellar album “Freelance: Charlie” released last summer I can say the music is only going up from there. “Let The Sample Work” is in true Ben Reilly fashion all things dynamic, purposeful, and captivating. If you’re not familiar with Ben Reilly the New York-raised Atlanta-based hip-hop artist to watch has been releasing incredible music for the past few years. A true artist in his talents, always paying the extra attention to detail, curating his own world for his music and fans to exist in. 

Let’s get into the latest track, immediately the energy is there, it’s fast-paced and Ben is going in on the lyricism. These lyrics feel like a representation of the hustle, he’s put in the hard work over and over again, defining his spot in the music scene. My favorite lyric is “You talking to me like I’m not the red bird baby” which I can only imagine is an ode to the red cardinal imagery incorporated in his past album artworks. Of course, Ben Reilly has one of my favorite qualities in an artist – you always know when it’s him. When an artist has an established tone, flow, and style that’s so unique to them it truly elevates their work – Ben has all of this. 

This song is fun to put it simply, you can’t help but get into it right there with him. The infectious hook gives you something to learn quickly and sing along to “Shut up b*tch! Let that sample work!”. Not only do we have the stellar new single it’s paired with a fresh visual as well. The music video appears to incorporate montage-style footage from Ben Reilly’s opening act tour earlier this year. I love the blend between produced video and raw footage, the tour clips are pouring energy out with behind the scene snippets of Ben signing autographs and truly enjoying the tour grind. 

Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of Ben Reilly, he truly cares about the music and you can tell in every piece of art he delivers. I’m so glad we got a new tune in time for summer and I’d love to catch a live show sooner or later! It’s inevitable that Ben brings the energy onstage and with this on a setlist, it will be off the charts. Tell a friend to tell a friend Ben Reilly is back and get this track on a playlist near you asap!