If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to be sung to by a choir of mermaids, then “Drown in the Clouds of Dew” by Rozie Ramati can please your wishes. Light as a feather, yet powerfully hypnotizing, Rozie Ramati lures in an audience with her siren-like vocals. This track leaves you inebriated by its mystical production. 

There’s something ineffable about Rozie Ramati’s voice. When she first enters the song, the words escape her mouth like dandelion seeds blown off a stem. Mesmerizing is a term often used to describe a singer’s voice, but Rozie Ramati is more than that. She has an angelic cadence which makes it difficult to stop listening to any of her work. Another example of her stellar vocal performances is in her song “White Tee”. Using her fairly-like vocals, Rozie Ramati created a calming yet emotionally packed song in which the listener could find solace. The feathery vocals and slight echo gave the track a distinct, eerie feel. Because of her unique voice, Rozie Ramati constantly creates sonically beautiful music. 

“Drown in the Clouds of Dew” is magical. It’s easy to lose yourself in this song and let time pass you by. Hopefully, Rozie Ramati continues to make spellbinding music that lets you escape this world.