Multi-instrumentalist and electronic producer Michael Sebastian releases his latest single ‘Mayehna’ off his third studio album ‘Afiye’. Born in Capetown, South Africa, Michael, now based in London, England, has spent the last few years honing his craft through live shows and busking performances with his unique live-looping set-up of guitar, vocals and drum machine. The release of ‘Afiye’ was heavily influenced by his trip to Ethiopia and Mali where he was fortunate enough to learn and perform with the father of Ethio-jazz, Mulatu Astatke. Recorded in isolation, the lead single ‘Mayhena’ sees Michael produce a rich and groove heavy record that bursts into life with its vibrant staccato guitar melodies and hypnotic percussive rhythms and vocal loops. Opening the track with natural soundscapes, Michael layers the instrumentation of the track bar after bar before amping up to a jungle-leaning, feel-good jam that draws influence from both Ethio-jazz as well as more modern dance production techniques and structures. Michael certainly has a knack of crafting infectious melodies led by gorgeous guitar playing that will get anyone moving and dancing along to.     

When asked about his new album ‘Afiye’, Michael described that “This album for me is full of joy. I recorded it just after returning from a tour of Africa. I studied and performed with the most incredible musicians whilst I was out there and had the opportunity to discover the people and culture behind the most vibrant music on earth. It was a time where I felt really free and inspired, and I think there’s a sense of that captured in the album. The album also takes a lot of influence from the dance and jazz scene here in London, and it’s really exciting to hear a combination of all of my favourite worlds in one place.”