Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts is $ean Wire – a well-developed rapper, singer, songwriter, and more recently, father, who’s music may be categorized as a divine form of self-expression. His late December EP One Nour Chapter 1 serves as the latest addition to his discography, centering itself around themes of hope, love, devotion, and persistence. 

Though the EP sits just short of 9 minutes in total length, One Nour Chapter 1 is certainly a significant piece of work. Each of the three songs included on this project display a different piece of the puzzle with respect to $ean Wire’s artistry. “SOBER” shines a light on the Dorchester native’s sonics, “STREETS” showcases $ean’s heartfelt tenderness, and “TOO MUCH TO LOSE” contains a nonstop array of thoughtful raps. 

Helping to cement One Nour Chapter 1’s overarching sentiments is $ean’s longtime collaborator and friend, GIB DJ. Tasked, once again, with structuring the sonic landscape for a $ean Wire project, GIB was masterful with regard to providing a racetrack for $ean Wire’s pen. Each and every time their name’s appear across the same set of song credits, listeners know that they’re in for a treat, and there’s no better proof of this than right here with One Nour Chapter 1.