MICO is not a newcomer to making hits, with his last single cut my hair going viral across the indie sides of social media. This time around, he comes through with the song about ADHD you didn’t know you needed. 

m.i.a is a soundtrack to how because of ADHD, he will come up with great ideas and not act on them because he forgot he even had a new idea in the first place. The message is beautifully conveyed through production that feels equally stressed out as it does empathic. MICO knows that this is the mind he was given, and apologizes to the people around him through this single by saying he just can’t help it. He has been subtly blazing his own path within the scene, drawing influences from bands like Panic! at the Disco, and combining that into a fresh take of his own. 

The irony behind this whole song is that he even forgot to promote this song more than a couple of times before it’s release, which you guessed it, is because his ADHD struck once again. His main Instagram feed has even been cleared to help promote this EP, allowing him to fully let his true self free within the theme of this release.